Inside Sales Account Executive – Tempe, AZ

Inside Sales Account Executive – Tempe, AZ

Posted 6 months ago

This is a chance for you to join a fast paced, FUN, high energy sales team with immediate opportunity for advancement and 6 figure ($120K+) earnings.

As a future sales person, the top 3 questions you should be asking yourself are:
1. How much does it pay?
2. What the company’s competitive edge?
3. What do successful reps do and how do they do it?

Pay starts off at $30K annually with bonuses and commissions to get you to $48K annually (plus benefits). After exceeding your quota 3 months in a row, you will be immediately promoted to a $35K base, do it again, $45K base. Top earners in the company are making well over $90K by the end of year 1.

What’s their edge? The company is revolutionizing talent acquisition by using a state of the art technology platform to connect hiring companies to top talent across the nation.

What do successful reps do and how do they do it? Making 60-100 outbound phone calls/day to an existing database, successful reps are hard workers, competitive, and driven to give 100% effort 100% of the time. They are team players, they are coachable, they want to be the best.

Most importantly, they thrive in the high energy, fun loving culture that the company has built. Reps LOVE working there and they love the energy they get from their fellow employees.


Qualified applicants MUST have at least 1 year of prior inside sales experience.
Inside sales = making 60-100 OUTBOUND phone calls/day and closing 100% of your deals on the phone.

Company: SaaS web based portal for job seekers and hiring companies. Upselling the paid service/subscription to companies already using it on a demo (free) basis.

We’re looking for inside sales reps with prior experience selling on a business to business level. This is an expansion position due to the success of the company.

This starts off with a base salary of $30K with projected earnings potential (base + commissions) of $45K at plan.

If you exceed your quarterly quota you will be IMMEDIATELY promoted to a higher base salary and a higher total earnings potential with the top level base salary coming in at $55K, and the top on target earnings (at quota) of $119K. All positions/levels are uncappe commissions. !!!

All positions/levels include benefits! And all positions have 100% inbound leads = no cold calling!!!

This is an office based position in Tempe. No work from home option is available.

If you’re interested: please send a copy of your resume

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